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3/20/08 05:53 pm

 and sometimes my chest caves in and there's the most unnerving twisting resulting in a feeling of coldness; quite physically.  

it's cold today.

3/18/08 03:48 pm - weiners a cottage flag.

n d beaners.

I'm so tired of homework,
I'm gonna go outside and burn a thread of joy
glad it's not mine.


3/11/08 05:01 pm - jesus eating shit.




3/4/08 04:13 pm - druqkz.

 parents fight and stepdad's cheating on mom on sunday*
I'm pretty apathetic to it, they're both depressed and lonely people, they don't sleep together, they can't really have conversations.. Though I had to pose him with the question as to why he was going to follow along religious standards if he doesn't want to uphold them.  At least be honest, make a verbal agreement you're unhappy and want to see or talk to other people.  I don't understand.  Adults always ignore the most logical thing it seems, maybe it's just me.

monday night* dropped bowl into gutter on the roof, full bowl.. what a bright idea.  I'm officially a "fucking idiot" and my brother got it for me...tuesday....tomorrow...[today]. 

todaay* smoke infront of mom while she helps me dig in the backyard for two pipes she hid awhile ago when she got mad at my bother

I'm determined to destroy something before I graduate,
I don't want to have gone through school doing nothing I wanted to really do.
I don't mind and I enjoy materials, but I sit in class sometimes and just want to throw a chair or desk or break  a window or just have something fucking drastic happen, just to see what it would look like.  What did this situation impose on everyone else, and who else is thinking about it.  I don't know, I'm tired of the same system.  I don't want to get older thinking all I did was fine and dandy, life had its  ups and downs but sure it was a boquet of roses.  Life isn't like that, life is existing.  Why do people ignore the other side of life's spectrum, more importantly why the hell don't we learn abou...

i hate babies crying.
god damnit floyd.

this is for me keeping ideas now.. I hate not remembering.  I want to check my adrenal gland for possible malfunction, maybe that's why my anxiety is so consistantly retarded.  hm... 
this is tuesday.

2/11/08 05:40 pm

 today i went to the doctor,
i apparently have the flu and when i was there had a temp of 104
i ifeel awful : /

2/2/08 01:09 pm

i ruv piercings :]


1/31/08 04:50 pm



1/27/08 05:11 pm - semicolons.

swarming feelings of apathy, nihilism and destruction,
weary limbs fall forward in an undedicated fashion to straight lines
what comes next to the expressionless.

1/27/08 11:41 am


saturday at 4 in the morning = vomit.
all of saturday = sickly old person feeling
today is sunday
weekend = gone
: /

1/17/08 06:54 pm - week?

i'm sure it's a common thing for people to think of the worst possible outcome
to me it's not even the worst.
I think about standing up to walk away,
and a scenario plays through my mind, I turn to get up
maybe it's the way i walked, i fall down, i piece of metal pierces my face,
my skull is cracked on the generic floor and it's like a game

i guess I understand some things about life now.
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